CORE Scholars

We have started awarding CORE scholarships to deserving, ambitious individuals who will be heading into their selected academic programs. Read about the current CORE Scholars and their stories below.

For Trena, CORE represents more than just an opportunity for her dream of becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse to be realized—it is the opening of a door to a better life for her and her children.

Trena Murphy: SoLa's first CORE recipient

Krystal Washington

Krystal Washington is a single mother of a 5 year old daughter. She worked two jobs at LAX, in customer service and as a plane groomer. But she was laid off 3 months ago due to COVID-19. She is a SoLa tenant and applied to CORE Scholarship to pursue a career in nursing. She has been caring for her elderly parents for some time and sees herself growing a career from her experience. She’s planning on starting a Senior Care Technician Certificate from LATTC as soon as she can. 

"I’m so excited for this opportunity. I want to take this time to do something and show my daughter that going to school will better our future."

Planned Degree: Senior Care Technician at LATTC

Start Date: Aug 31st, 2020

Tania J. Jackson

Tania, her 6 year old son and her 13 year old daughter were homeless and staying in shelters and  motels for almost a year before being able to get an apartment with SOLA in June. Tania was employed as an Accounting Clerk for Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board when COVID-19 began. Things worsened due to COVID-19 and after using all her sick leave she was eventually furloughed. She has not been able to find employment since but is hoping to get a degree in Data Science which will allow for her family and career to be less affected financially during a crisis. 

"My [new] skills and drive will ensure I always maintain healthy business and financial profiles going forward."

Planned Degree: Data Science Certificate at UCLA extension

Start Date: Fall 2020

Jennifer Flores Austurias

Jennifer is an LVN and a mother of three. Her household has been affected by COVID-19 in multiple ways including getting her hours and income reduced by half at her clinic and losing babysitting options for her kids that are doing home schooling. "I already have an LVN but another training will help me be more marketable and able to have other means to provide for my children." Jennifer wants to expand her knowledge with a degree in Health Care Administration, move into upper management and grow professionally.

"I want to show my children that as a single mother you can always strive for more. I want to expand my knowledge and one day achieve my doctorate degree in a field that makes an impact on people."

Planned Degree: Health Care Administration at UCLA Extension

Start Date: Fall 2020